How to bring England to a standstill

Last night it snowed and this morning the world was powdered like a waffle with icing sugar. And it kept snowing so we actually had a whopping inch or even two. Other regions got a bit more snow causing some havoc along the way.

This was actually the first time it snowed for more than five minutes (and stayed on the ground instead of melting at once) since I moved to England and I got a culture shock. Nearly all schools closed in preparation for the teachers not being able to make it to work. A railway company got praised on the radio for the novel idea of running empty trains troughout the night to keep the tracks clear. And the incompetence some people were showing while trying to make it to work was unbelievable.

Sure, nobody here has snow tyres as you really don’t need them for the once every few years occurence of snow. But even unpracticed (regarding snow) drivers should grasp the concept that it isn’t actually feasible to turn a corner without accelerating at all. Not even snow is that slippery 😉

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