Chocolate Courgette Cake

Sian let me have two of her self grown courgettes so of course I made a cake with them. Based on this recipe the result was very scrumptious 🙂

My modifications:
I wasn’t sure about using mixed spice so I went with 1 tsp of ground cinnamon instead.
The self-raising flour was substituted by self-raising gluten free flour, while leaving the grated courgettes with all the water they had.
Olive oil in a chocolate cake just sounds weird so I used sunflower oil.
There was a shortage of chopped hazelnuts in the pantry so I made up the difference with chopped pecans.
After buying a 8oz. (14ml) tub of double cream and not knowing what to to with the leftovers I decided to use all of it with roughly 290g of chocolate. To make the best of the surplus of icing I cut the cake into two layers and used half the icing as filling and the other to ice the top.



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